Seaway Valley Community Health Centre
Registration form - Nutrition Webinars


We are thrilled to share our nutrition workshops with you virtually in the form of a webinar!
Please complete the form below to proceed with your registration. Note that ALL FIELDS must be filled out to register for a webinar. Individuals who do not check off the consent box, will not be given access to the content. 

  • Step 1: Fill out Registration form in its entirety (registration open until June 13th)
  • Step 2: We will be sending you an email on June 15th with a Private YouTube link to the webinars you requested
  • Step 3: You will have access to these links until further notice  
Note: This is not an interactive workshop, but a virtual presentation to provide the community with general nutrition information on these specific topics.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Lindsay Boisvenue, RD at 613-930-4892 ext. 215
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